New relationships

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Third text of the day, beginning to feel like I was being ghosted. Tried calling and went to voice mail after all the chances to answer. Now I was starting to get upset! Used to have everyone answer my texts or voice mails in a timely manner. I define this as one to two hours as an appropriate length of time. Everyone is busy, in that window of time, one can respond with an answer. Having been married for thirty-two years and widowed another nine, learning to interact with the female of today is very challenging. Emails, texts…

A new life begins.

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Decided to stop by a local tavern on the way home from work, have a beer, and shoot a couple of games of pool. Met a man who played well, battled for a couple of hours trading wins, and one mistake gave the other the chance to run the table out. This level of play did not go unnoticed by the bartender who eventually became my future wife. Noticing my loss and coming to get more beers, she said to me, “You’re playing a lot of games quickly.” I said, “It happens when you run the table a lot.” She…

Fate can be so cruel.

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I was making coffee and she asked, “Is the coffee ready?” Replying yes and poured fresh coffee into the cup being held out. We ended up making three cups for her and friends. Going about the task of continuing to help with the coffee service I noticed that my first cup recipient had gone to the vehicle next to mine. With task complete, poured a cup for myself and took a coffee break by my car.

My first cup ended up standing next to me and introduction was a matter of respect and protocol. Her…

Planning the game of pool play.


From the corner of my eye, you just made your fourth shot in a row a game between you and whom I found out later to be your mom. Called to the table and winning your first ever APA match (American Poolplayers Association), you came back to the table resumed playing. Introducing myself, I informed you that league players were allowed on practice tables set aside during league play. But an argument ensued between players, and we both decided it best we play on the rented table.

Having lost for the first time, in…

Book Review

A Review and Discussion

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While not an avid reader of historical fiction, by surprised me with a diverse blend of history, myth, and spirituality. Beginning 1761, during Russian occupation of East Prussia, a foreign Lieutenant of the Russian army intervenes in a dispute between his superior and Countess Marion von Adler and is stabbed. The story unfolds in a tentative relationship with the Prussians living on Countess Adler’s estate, which becomes a backdrop for a spiritual journey.

Newland weaves history with myth and…

Public Administration

The Role of the USDA

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Policy disconnect can occur at all levels of implementation. One of the largest policy disconnects has occurred within the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA mission, “We provide leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, and related issues based on sound public policy, the best available science, and efficient management (USDA, 2009).” The USDA accomplishes its mission through 21 different agencies and services that operate under its authority. The mechanics of the organization makes the USDA an unusual department. …

Environmental Science Terms and Definitions

Understanding Environmentalism

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Environmental science often seems daunting but this is due to the jargon and language that has grown around this field. To understand environmental science more effectively, one needs to have a working knowledge of the various concepts often discussed. The following overview of terms will help one gain a better understanding of this important field.

Scientific method

The scientific method refers to a body of techniques designed to investigate unknown ideas, create knowledge, and integrate preexisting knowledge. To be considered scientific in methodology an inquiry…


An Overview of the Issues & Solutions

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Climate change is a complex comparison of many different geological, atmospheric, and ecological sources. Often the viewpoint of climate change is distilled into an oversimplification of global warming. Global warming is mostly understood in lay terms as the warming of the earth due to the overproduction of greenhouse gasses. In reality, climate change is, “a measure of changes in the statistical properties of the climate system when considered over periods of decades or longer, regardless of cause.”

There are three main views pertaining…

Corporate Sustainability

The Argument for a Sustainability Strategy

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Fossil fuels and other limited resources have spawned many ideologies concerning sustainable practices. Often these practices are aimed at reducing the use fossil fuels through measures such as recycling and energy reduction. These various practices for reducing energy waste and preserving the environment have come to be known as sustainability initiatives. Sustainability is a growing practice of adopting ‘green’ or environmentally friendly practices that serve all dimensions of the environment such as social, cultural, and economics. …

Book Discussion

“Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus” by Mary Shelley

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By Theodore Von Holst (1810–1844) — Tate Britain. Frontispiece of the 1831 edition. Private collection, Bath.,

In Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, Victor Frankenstein reanimates a creature from dead flesh into life. Throughout the novel Mary Shelley, a writer from the romantic era, poses questions to the reader regarding the relationship between man and nature. For writers of the romantic era, nature, or God, is an unknowable and unconquerable force that man will never fully be able to understand or comprehend. …

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